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New Virtual Adult Education Classes Available in Jefferson County

Reaching adulthood does not mean we stop learning and neither does COVID-19. Knowing there are always skills adults can brush up on, Community Action, Inc. (CAI) offers adult-oriented classes in Jefferson County. The classes help people with job skills, basic learning skills, GED prep, and even with enrolling in post-secondary education. Crystal White, CAI Adult Education Supervisor, shared details on CAI’s adult education offerings. “We provide basic skills instruction for students who want to obtain a high school equivalency diploma or for students who have a diploma but want to brush up on basic skills to obtain a job, advance in a job, or attend post-secondary education or training,” stated White. “We are more than just a ‘GED program.’” What are the offerings in CAI’s adult education program? White continued, “The Adult Education Project has always held day and evening classes in multiple locations throughout Jefferson County. This year we are excited to announce the addition of virtual classes to our regular face-to-face classes. We understand how difficult it can be for students to get to a classroom, whether it’s a child care issue, transportation, or COVID-19. We now offer day and evening classes for students to attend from home. These virtual classes can be taken in addition to the traditional classroom activities or stand alone for those who prefer to attend classes from home. We are hoping this will encourage students to continue social distancing while still persuing their education. The technology requirement to attend virtual classes is with most of us every day, a smart phone with WiFi or data.” What else is new in CAI’s adult education project? “Adult Education classes are free of charge to anyone 16 and older, not currently enrolled in a secondary school program,” White stated. “The purpose of the program is to help individuals meet their education and employment goals. This year we are fortunate, through a grant from the Wireless Zone, to help active project students pay for the official GED tests.” White stated. “We know how hard students study to be able to earn their high school equivalency diploma, for some the cost of the test itself is an incredible obstacle. As an instructor it is heart breaking to know how hard a student has studied and know they are prepared to take the test, but can’t, simply because of the cost. This grant will give students the funds to pay for the test once they are ready.” Once people have their diploma, some may find they need help determining what to do next. “We help students recognize the diploma is a stepping stone, not the end goal,” White stated. “In fact, the Adult Education staff has many tools to help students on their path to gainful employment such as preparation for job training, post-secondary education or training, as well as specific employer requirements.” “Local businesses sometimes require certain grade levels to apply for job openings,” White added. “Our programs assist with getting participants to those necessary levels for job qualification.” “One of the greatest barriers to employment is the lack of a high school diploma,” White explained. “Of the 18-24 year olds in Jefferson County, 18.3 percent lack a high school diploma and 11 percent of those 25 and older lack a high school diploma.” White added, “In addition, over 13 percent of adults in the area are considered basic skills deficient. Basic skills instruction offered by the adult education program, combined with services available through other community partners, will assist adults in obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and economic self-sufficiency.” “We are also looking for volunteer tutors and classroom aides,” White added. “These volunteers help one-on-one either during class or at another scheduled time, face to face or virtually. All volunteers receive ongoing training, materials, and guidance from Adult Education staff.” Sign up for CAI Adult Education classes by calling Crystal White at (814) 938-3302, ext. 204, 1-800-648-3381, or by emailing [email protected]

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